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What is Gelato?

Gelato is most commonly associated with ice cream, but there are three very important differences between the two.

1. Fat

Ice cream generally contains 30-40% butter fat, whereas Gelato has 7% fat, making it much healthier with fewer calories. 

2. Air

Ice cream can contain up to 70% air while Gelato has less than 15% air, which makes it much denser and gives it a more concentrated flavor.

3. Temperature

Gelato is served 15 degrees warmer than ice cream, giving it a smooth creamy consistency and does not freeze your taste buds so you can taste more of the flavor.




Our flavors Change daily, and are always seasonal. We have created hundreds of recipes, and make new ones every year.


Some of our regular Flavors Include:


Tahitian Vanilla Bean

Made from the best fair trade vanilla beans in the world, from Tahiti.


Old Fashioned Chocolate

Made with a blend of Belgian chocolates, smooth, rich and milky the way chocolate should be.


K Bay Dream Blend Espresso

Made with locally roasted organic fair trade espresso from K Bay Roasting Co. 'Where the Bean Meets the Dream' Kbay's house Espresso Dream Blend is the perfect blend for the best Espresso Gelato.


Salted Caramel With Alaskan Sea Salt

Dulce de leche slow cooked for five days to ensure maximum flavor.  Enhanced with Alaska Salt Co. Homer Spit Salt harvested right out of our very own Kachemak Bay. A fan favorite that pairs well with anything.

Pistachio or Hazelnut

We roast our own organic pistachios and hazelnuts in house to make our own paste before combining with Homer Spit Salt. We are the only Gelateria in Alaska and one of the few in the Country to do so.

Wild Alaskan Rose With Local Honey

A local favorite, made from wild rose pedals foraged from the Homer hillside. We add local wildflower honey to make a truly one of a kind flavor. The flavor is out of this world, and you will not find it anywhere else in the world. We only get to make this a few times a year, so get it while it's here!

Maple Brown Butter Pecan With Alaskan Sea Salt  

Fresh roasted and pasted pecans, combined with organic grade B dark maple syrup, brown butter, and Homer Spit Salt. This perfectly balanced blend comes together to create an award-winning flavor that was voted one of the best in North America!


Blackberry or Raspberry Cheesecake with house Graham Cookie Crumble

Organic blackberries, or local wild Alaskan raspberries made into a vibrant sauce, drizzled over top of cheesecake gelato, with layers of home-made graham cookie crumble.


Mint Chocolate Stracciatella

Peppermint Gelato with layers of tempered Belgian chocolate chunks swirled throughout.


Fig and Rum

Made with organic figs braised in Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans and spiced rum.

Chocolate Noir Sorbetto

A rich silky dark chocolate sorbetto for all you chocoholics out there. Hard to believe it is vegan, but it certainly does not need dairy to be incredible.


Lemon or Lime Sorbetto

Fresh organic lemons and limes hand-squeezed and immediately turned into a refreshing sorbetto with a bold balanced Flavor.

Strawberry or Strawberry Rhubarb Sorbetto

Made with fresh organic strawberries. Local berries when season allows, and local rhubarb.


Cantaloupe with Local Wildflower Honey Sorbetto

One of the most refreshing things to eat on a summer day, this flavor is truly the epitome of summer taste.




Check back for many more!

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